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The Children’s disco was fantastic, lots of dance moves I hadn’t seen before. The DJ kept them moving the entire time, except a short interlude for some “nutritious” hot dogs and squash. I hope that they were all suitably tired and went to bed last night without complaint!

Thank you to the helpers in the kitchen and those who counted the children in and back out again, I don’t think we lost any, which is great news. Thanks to those who were roped into dancing whether they wanted to or not, it all adds to the fun!

Bags to school collection Monday 2nd March til Monday 10th March.

A chance to have a good old clear out.  We are collecting again for this good cause, which also raises money for the school. The last collection was a staggering 980kg, so this time I am hoping we can beat the target of a metric tonne!

Walk with Marlowe 15th March 10am til midday. We are planning a walk around the common. A short one to suit everyone (it will be the short Elstead marathon route in reverse if any of you are familiar with it).  Marlowe will lead and anyone can join in, bring your dogs if you have a real or stuffed one. Refreshments will be served outside the school before we set off.  If you bring a travel mug, we will fill it for you. Treats will be provided for the dogs.

Ladies night! Friday 10th July. Elstead Village Hall. Cocktails and dancing and maybe a surprise or two! This is Ladies night, and we will have a good time. Come along on Friday night, let’s celebrate the beginning of the weekend with 80’s music from Tristan. Let your hair down and have some fun!

Happy Half Term

Janine Harling

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